Where voting has become more difficult

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From voter ID requirements to limits on mail-in voting, new laws are fueling tensions between Republicans and Democrats ahead of the U.S. midterms.

Republicans, who have largely embraced former President Donald Trump’s false claims of fraud in the 2020 election, say the measures are necessary to ensure election integrity. Democrats say they are aimed at making it harder for voters who traditionally back the Democratic Party to cast their votes.

Eleven U.S. states have imposed stricter voter identification requirements since 2020. Opponents of voter ID measures do not object to the requirement that voters verify their identity when voting – which is already standard in every state – but rather the means used to verify them. Unlike many European democracies, where government-issued IDs are more ubiquitous, studies have found that millions of U.S. voters lack photo ID. Twenty-one states require a voter ID with a photo such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or passport.

Unlike many democratic countries, the United States does not have compulsory voter registration through a centralized system. As a result, states must periodically review their lists of registered voters to ensure they are up to date.

Since 2020, seven states have enacted laws that facilitated the de-listing of voters. Advocates of the laws say they are necessary for ensuring only eligible voters are kept on the list whereas opponents say the laws make it harder for voters to know they have been removed or remedy wrongful removals. In some states, voters can be removed from the registration list after not voting in elections for a certain number of years.

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