The midterms candidates opposing those who claim Trump won in 2020

Should these candidates prevail, it’s far less likely that schemes to overturn the 2024 election will succeed. Here’s a look at some of the key candidates.

Katie Hobbs (Arizona, governor)

Hobbs is running to be governor of Arizona, the state with armed vigilantes monitoring drop boxes and the highest percentage of state legislators who took steps to discredit or overturn the 2020 presidential election results. She would most likely serve under a Republican-led legislature, which recently passed laws requiring documentary proof of citizenship to vote by mail or in presidential elections.

Mark Kelly (Arizona, Senate)

Kelly was elected to the US Senate in 2020 and has been a vocal proponent of voting rights while in office. He co-sponsored the Freedom to Vote Act, which would have established election day as a federal holiday, protected early and mail voting options, banned partisan gerrymandering, and increased election security; and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would have re-established Voting Rights Act protections and included the Native American Voting Rights Act. He also expressed support for abolishing the Senate filibuster in order to pass those two pieces of legislation.

Phil McGrane (Idaho, secretary of state)

A Republican, McGrane defeated two outright election deniers in the state’s primary and is almost certain to be elected in the deep-red state. McGrane is currently the clerk of Ada county, the state’s most populous, and he pioneered on-demand ballot printers so that residents can vote early anywhere in the county. Another signature accomplishment is what he calls “food truck voting”, the mobile voting centers that crisscross the county during the 10 days of early voting.


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