Western Christianity was built on theft, forgery, and fraud!


Western Christianity was built on Theft, Forgery, and Fraud!

In my last but one post, Jesus was not a Jew.  I cited the Old Testament, and the Gospel of John as proof.  Yet, some Christians blinkered to the discussion still refused to accept the citations.  Cherry-picking what they want to see, and being blind to accept the truth as the scriptures tell.  They would be the first to utter blasphemer, if I did not cite my discussions.  Although I suppose the hard core Christians have me on their hate-list, along with Gays, Transpeople, Jews, and Muslims.  A religion steeped in animosity, bigotry, and hatred towards humanity, citing that its religion is the true and only one.  

However, where is their proof that they are the one true religion?  Surely, they cannot cite counterfeits, and frauds as that is all the proof they have in their arsenal.  The biggest theft by forgery in the annals of history was a church forgery, which reaped untold landed wealth, and riches for the Roman Church.  Not only that, after 59 years after the loss of the Papal State, the RCC was compensated for the loss of its earthly temporal power, which they gain in the first place through the forgery of the Donation of Constantine.  The newly formed kingdom of Italy (1861) annexed the Papal State (756-1870) in 1870, after 1,114 years of theocracy tyranny of its people.  The Vatican was allowed to retain what treasures its unlawful gains over the eleven hundred years; what is more, in 1929 Benito Mussolini (Il Duce) (1883-1945) negotiating on behalf of the kingdom of Italy, paid a fortune in compensation to the Vatican for their loss of the Papal State, at the Lateran Treaty.  

The donation of Pepin came about by the fraudulent actions of a Pope.

1,173 years after Pope Stephen II (III) (752-757) produced the counterfeit donation of Constantine the Great (306-337 CE).  As proof that the Papal State belonged to the Papacy.  Pepin the Short also called the Younger (German: Pippin der Jüngere), was King of the Franks from 751 until his death in 768.  Pepin, bought into the papal lie, and handed over all the territory he had taken from the Lombards.

Writing on Stephen II (III), the patristic scholar Kelly wrote: According to many scholars Stephen produced as the legal basis of his claim the so-called Donation of Constantine; a fictitious instrument drafted in the papal chancery under which Constantine the Great (d. 337) purported to confer on Silvester I, among other privileges, dominion over Rome, Italy, and “the provinces, places and civitates of the western regions.” [J.N.D. Kelly (1986), The Oxford Dictionary of Popes, p. 91, Oxford University Press, London, and New York]

Mussolini and the Concordat.

On February 11, 1929, Mussolini, on behalf of King Victor Emmanuel III, and Cardinal Pietro Gasparri (1852-1934), on behalf of Pope Pius XI(1922-39) and the Vatican, signed the Lateran Treaty, which ended (?) 60 years of dispute between Italy and the Vatican.  This document was divided into three main sections: the conciliation treaty, the financial convention, and the concordat.

The conciliation treaty essentially established official diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Italy and affirmed Catholicism as the “state religion.” The financial convention stipulated that the Italian state would pay the Vatican the sum of 750 million lire in cash.  As well as 5 per cent Consolidated Bearer Bonds of 1 trillion lire to compensate the Holy See for the loss of lands in 1870. This payment would be made in full by June 30, 1929, and would not be subject to any tariffs or taxes


It thus paid less than it would have paid {3.25 million lire annually} under the 1871 Law of Guarantees, which the Holy See had not accepted. [John F. Pollard (1985), The Vatican and Italian Fascism, 1929-32: A Study in Conflict, page 43, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge London, New York, New Rochelle, Melbourne, Sidney.]

Not forgetting that the Treaty also recognized Vatican City as an independent state.  So, once again, the Catholic Church had its sovereign realm.  Where the popes could sit as kings—albeit in a vastly reduced papal state 1/100,000+ the size it was, before the annexation of 1870. Citizens of the Vatican state are mainly senior clerics; however, it does include the Holy See diplomats including their spouses and children and the Swiss guard.


A claim for damages that was both morally wrong and unjustified.  The Vatican received an enormous recompense for their ancient fraud.  When the premier Church Forgery the ‘Donation of Constantine’ was used to secure the original 756 CE Papal State, which the Byzantine Empire had a prior claim to the land and not Rome or the Papacy. 

Even until now, the Vatican has not accepted the loss of the Papal States, even after taking the compensation monies given by the then Kingdom of Italy.  It has salted away its cash compensation in various banks around the world, that has gained the Vatican today billions more.  

If the kingdom of Italy had sought advice from historians before compensating the papacy for their ill-gotten ancient theft; it would have saved its treasury the great sums of money, which could have gone for the betterment of its people. 

Who said crime does not pay?  Well, religious crimes pay handsomely!

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