How the Orthodoxy invented the Life and times of Jesus!

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How the Orthodoxy invented the Life and times of Jesus!  

Preface  (Having my say!)       

Before I start my new discussion, I first would like to have my say on some comment made about me in my last post.  The term Troll given to me by one of the Christian commentator, the meaning of which eludes me, unless it is one of the characters within the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien.  Or being a Welsh Humanist, is probably no different from a Japanese Humanist or even an English Humanist.  As we all believe in Humanity, Whereas the Christian God believes in destroying Humanity.  Through drowning all Humankind in a great flood, but paramountly saving one family, the dinosaurs, and the animal of the polar regions. The story of the flood which Christianity plagiarized from the cultures, such as from the Orient, the Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, and many other ancient world cultures.  Then there was the blind commentator who remarked that I never showed proof, not from the scripture.  Well, I say look again, and you will find more than a dozen biblical citation on my post Jesus was not a Jew.  

My discussion posts are meant for all believers and non-believers, and are not meant to get proselytes to my thinking, but to show the believers that the Bible is not “the be-all and end-all.”  The Bible is corrupt, and a copy many times over of a no longer present autographs.  I say corrupt not through spite or malice, but through truth!  Which I have shown on several occasions, all one needs is a will to search for the truth!


From the time of the start of proto-Orthodox (early Catholicism)in the second half of the 2nd-century CE.  We hear less of the original followers of Jesus, known in the New Testament as the poor.  We know them better as the Ebionites.  Whose beliefs were very different to those of the Gentiles, who passed their unwarranted knowledge to the Christians of today.   An understanding vastly different to the ancient followers of Jesus, who travelled to hear his words, such as the sermon on the Mount of Olives.  These supporters held the beliefs of their master.  Whom they saw as a teacher/rabbi, not a God, but a man born through the union of Mary and a man.  Yet, they were the first witnesses to his ministry, and his preachings, etc.  In other words, they knew the thoughts of Jesus, and what he preached, as well as knowing the man Jesus!  Paul or Saul of Tarsus never knew Jesus, Paul’s epilepsy seizure, do not count nor does a vision or a dream as knowing Jesus.  Acts 1:21 is very implicit that the candidate for apostleship had to of known and worked with Jesus.

All was fine untill the Ebionites, and the Gentiles Christian break-up, sometime in the mid 2nd-century, when the Gentile Christians went their own way.  Some scholars cite the break-up after the Bar Kokhba revolt (132-135).  Nobody, within the Gentiles, including Paul had known Jesus, their understanding came from hearsay, and inventions, and the written words of anonymous Greek gospel writers.  Which, from the 3rd-century on, started the innovation of Christianity as we know it today.  By the 4th-century, the Gentile Christians/Orthodoxy had changed the man Jesus into a god; and by 431 CE, Mary the mother of Jesus went from a hairdresser, spinner or as Tertullian says, a harlot, to became a goddess/Theotokos, Greek meaning god bearer or mother of God.  All this would have been alien to the early followers of Jesus.  The Latin translations are Dei Genitrix or Deipara (approximately “parent (female) of God”).  

Not only the making of deity, the Orthodox Christians saw the early followers of Jesus as heretics, for believing that the Christian saviour was just a common man.    However, hypocritically of the Christians, they never included Jesus as a heretic, which one would think that if his followers were heretics, then Jesus should also be classed as one too! What hypocrisy!


By the latter part of the 4th-century, Arianism had been put squarely on the back burner, but not extinct.  At the same time in 381 CE, the Council of Constantinople declared the Trinity to be the faith of baptism, and the teachings in the belief of the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.  Yet, all this was made-up by zealot men who invented the religion nearly four hundred years after the fact, and is used by most Christians today.    

Furthermore, this too would have been alien to Jesus and his followers!  Who before the start of his ministry was a hireling in Egypt, according to the Jews, and Greek philosophers, such as Celsus, who on Jesus wrote: on the account of his poverty, and having there [Egypt] acquired some miraculous [magic] powers, on which the Egyptians greatly pride themselves, returned to his own country, highly elated on account of them, and by means of these proclaimed himself a God.”…[Contra Celsum, BK I, ch.28, in addition, the last two paragraphs of BK I, ch.28 are repeated in Bk I, ch.38] Also see file picture above for the Catholic citation, and the link: The highlighted emphasis and the [ ] are mine.

The scholar Mead on this passage above from Celsus wrote: In this passage from Celsus we have precisely the main outline of the Talmud Jesus stories, therefore an external proof that in his day (Celsus) at any rate (whenever that was, whether 150-175 or even 125-175). Stories precisely similar to the Talmud stories were the stock-in-trade Jewish objections to Christian dogmatic tradition.[G.R.S. Mead (1968), Did Jesus Live 100 B.C?, P.129, University Books, New Hyde Park, New York]

As I said earlier, the claim that Jesus was the messianic Son of man was, however, open to other interpretations, one of which provided by the Jewish-Christians, or Ebionites.  They acknowledged neither a divine sonship nor a preexistence nor a virgin birth.[Hans-Joachim Schoeps (1964), Jewish-Christianity, p.8, Fortress Press, Philadelphia.]

Were the Ebionites wrong, and the Orthodox were right, or vice versa, what do you say, was Christianity as we know it an invention?



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