It’s not anti-vaxx celebs who are getting cancelled. It’s the doctors and nurses still fighting COVID.’

A popular magazine recently published an article about a celebrity who was “cancelled” during the pandemic. 

The article was about a beautiful, rich, white woman who – despite their supposed cancellation – has managed to continue carving out her lucrative career over the past couple of years. 

This celebrity is someone who has repeatedly spoken out against mandatory COVID immunisations and public health measures and claims they were cancelled because they ‘dared to speak up’. 

When asked if they believed their choices might have hurt others, they said they wouldn’t have been able to work, perhaps, for years, for being so ‘brave’. They’ve equated their lack of work to someone else getting COVID. They have turned a public health crisis into a personal employment issue. It’s about as privileged as you can get.

Meanwhile, the still very real COVID pandemic is rampant in our healthcare system. Personal choices have very, very real consequences for others.

I think the most frustrating thing is that, after all this time, as a nurse, I am still wearing an N95 mask all day.

We also have people abusing staff because they are asked to wear masks, even though it is the guideline. Patients who are throwing masks at staff, throwing up their middle fingers and screaming at us for doing our best. We are still consistently being told we are evil and not fair. We are forcing people. But I have seen people who refuse immunisation because they don’t trust the government and yet are heavy smokers. I’ve seen people decline masks because they can’t breathe after I’ve spent all day in a plastic gown, mask, shield, and gloves – my whole body unable to breathe.

No celebrity is getting cancelled.


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