The Jewish and Christian Bible Deception.

Jero Jones


The Jewish and Christian Bible Deception.

The name Jesus or its equivalent translation is mentioned today in most areas of the world that have a Christian church, more than it was mentioned in the 1st-century CE, an era when Jesus supposedly lived.  Yet, what people said of him in the early years, is not what is said of him today!  Words that today would be seen as blasphemous to modern Christians, of what the ancient spoke of their supposed beloved saviour.  Words spoken by those of yesteryear are true as we know them, as the ancient church-father are proof, as they agree in their writings.  Furthermore, early Christian arts also confirms what people of old said.  Yet, all this information from the past is refused to be accepted by the more forthright followers of Jesus, God, and trinity today.  How the perception of their saviour has changed over time, where zealot Gentiles have elaborated on a story, and made an ancient man into a God. Jesus went from Man to God in the matter of three centuries!  Evolution in its entirety, however, not through Darwinism, but through Christianism.  Even the name Christian or Christianity is a made-up name, as the earliest records call them Galileans.  Then to the Way, the Believers, the saints, etc., to the Chrestians, a derogatory name given by the citizens of Antioch and Rome, meaning the Good.  Knowing full well that the believer of a man the Gentile had made-up were far from Good.  What we term Good, was eventually used by the later Christians, still being used in the fifth centuries to distinguish these Gentile followers of Jesus.  Until one among them erased the eta to form an iota, and Christian and Christianity was born.

The end of the third and early fourth century saw the chaos, and destruction they brought to the ancient world.  Egypt saw the daughter library of Alexandria destroyed, ancient artefacts decimated, and places, and adherent of other faiths attacked, famed teaching schools had their treasured texts destroyed, and ransacked, and the murder of educators by these intolerant religionists.  Through the writings of the Christian father, Origen Adamantius (185-253), we have the words of Celsus (150-175 or even 125-175), who had objections gainst the doctrines of Jesus, who wrote: Made by a very few individuals who are considered Christians, not of the more intelligent, as he supposes, but of the more ignorant class, and asserts that “the following are the rules laid down by them. Let no one come to us who has been instructed, or who is wise or prudent (for such qualifications are deemed evil by us); but if there be any ignorant, or unintelligent, or uninstructed, or foolish persons, let them come with confidence. By which words, acknowledging that such individuals are worthy of their God, they manifestly show that they desire and are able to gain over only the silly, and the mean, and the stupid, with women and children.”… Contra Celsum BK III, Ch. XLIV

The truth of the matter is that these types of writing are well documented, and are in the archives of great houses of learning, Great Library, and in vaults of great churches such as the Vatican library.  For all that seek the knowledge, and truth!  Yet, the more ardent believers will go blind at the written word, will go deaf at the sound of truth, but will acknowledge every perfidious remark uttered by their pulpit bashing pastor as the gospel truth?

Well, the Christian festive season is almost upon us, and yet more children will hear the unholy untruths spoken in its many forms?  The first lie they are usually taught are the nativity, and the three wise men; which in some translations is the three kings, or three wise men of the east, or the party of astrologers or the wise men, who are the firstfruits of the Gentiles.  (Nice one, I like that one.)  Some Christian text states that there were as much as twelve wise men visiting baby Jesus.  All is a pack of lies to appease the religious adults and their religion to indoctrinate and mentally abuse children.

The oldest source Codex Sinaiticus states, but does not give how many came, just that the Magi from the east.  The keyword is Magi pl. of Mágos sing.,   meaning Magician.  The hypocrisy, biased and bigotry Christian text has been translated to distance baby Jesus from the Magical world he was supposedly born into.

Back to the early times when stories of Jesus were precisely similar to the Talmud stories were the stock-in-trade Jewish objections to Christian dogmatic tradition. [G.R.S. Mead (1968), Did Jesus Live 100 B.C?, P.129, University Books, New Hyde Park, New York]  However, as it is shown, philosopher too, like the Greek Celsus, Porphyry, and others demonstrated at the unreliable Christian doctrine of that day.  In truth, they said Jesus was a Magician, where the Talmud called him sorcerer.  Truly it is at Yule time, where we need these men with Wands to create a Merry festive atmosphere of Yule and Saturnalia, no doubt those believers will blaspheme, and call it Christmas.

No, I am not finished I have one more item, Bethlehem, which I mentioned in my last post, however, not one commentator picked-up on it as I see (although I am half blind presently).  To make it easy! I will list it, so we all will better understand.

  1. King David of Moabite descent reigned from 1011 BCE to 972 BCE. 
  2. The book of Joshua was written in c. 550 BCE.
  3. The Book of 2 Esdras, (Greek for Hebrew Ezra) was written by Ezra who came out of Babylonian exile in 538 BCE.  Where he says God told him to write the Deuteronomic books (Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings).
  4. Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the City of David, if you believe Christian scholars, around 4 BCE.
  5. The Book of Joshua ch. 15 gives the boundaries for the territory of Judah in Joshua 15:1-12, and the 123 cities that belong to Judah are listed in verses 13:63.  There is no Bethlehem in Judah mentioned or Ephratah, its name originally.

So, my question is, how can King David be born in Bethlehem in Judah c. 1040 BCE, when in 550 BCE, some 500 years after David, there is no Bethlehem in Judah. It is absent from the cities mentioned in the Book of Joshua! See above.

Then why did Joseph make his heavily pregnant child wife, tortuously ride a donkey some 200 Km or more to a phantom place.  The so-called premiere City of Judah was missing, it is like saying New York is not mentioned as a City on a Map of the USA.  When all Joseph had to do was to walk from Nazareth the 7 miles to the thriving City of Bethlehem in Galilee?  No running the gauntlet by your supposed enemy, or attacked by highway men, just your local Gentile Galilean Samaritans making your travel safe!   My bad, Nazareth was also not mentioned in the first to fourth centuries CE.

Don’t tell me it was all about paying an old man’s taxes, that lying story have been told.  What do you say?




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