Tulsi Gabbard exposes those responsible for number of transgender youth doubling in the last 5 years

The damage that has been done to children by the “woke” left’s crusade to promote transgenderism is viewed by many as a national shame although critics of the sexualization of young kids as well as sexually mutilating “gender affirming” surgery are shut down by national political leaders and the media who smear them as bigots, but the tide against perceived perversion will eventually turn regardless of the ferociousness of its defenders.

One who dares to speak out is former Democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who since breaking with her party hasn’t shied away from calling out its historic abuses, and she laid out who is responsible for the plague of degeneracy that has targeted those who are young, impressionable and confused about their sexuality.

On a recent edition of her podcast, the former Hawaii lawmaker spoke of the staggering rise in the number of young girls having their breasts chopped off, citing a research paper published by a prominent medical journal detailing a spike in the number of double mastectomies as well as a UCLA study showing a doubling in the number of transgender youth in the last five years.

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