Famed ‘TikTok Surgeon’ Faces Intense Backlash From Transgender Community After Allegedly Maimed Patient Goes Viral

The transgender community has turned on a once revered surgeon specializing in sex change surgeries after a patient posted graphic photos of an allegedly botched operation.

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher, a Miami-based surgeon specializing in double mastectomy surgeries for transgender-identifying patients, has been heavily criticized for performing the elective surgery on minors. She has also earned the moniker “TikTok Surgeon” for her advertising methods to her large social media following. Her detractors have primarily been conservatives and liberals critical of gender ideology, but recently, after a former patient went viral with allegations of medical malpractice, the transgender community has responded with outrage toward the doctor.

    • “In August of 2022, I flew to Miami, Florida to get top surgery from Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher,” wrote Rylan, a 23-year-old trans-identified female, on the self-publishing platform Medium. “3 weeks later, a local surgeon had to rush me in to remove over half a foot of dead, rotting tissue. Gallagher dismissed every concern, including hollow cavities that formed on my ripped-open incision.”

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