Terrible at buying Christmas presents? Peep our guide for clever gift ideas

Have you ever bought a Christmas gift for someone that you know just isn’t right for them? This often happens when we don’t take the time to consider the person’s interests — or are shopping at the last minute.

And when that happens, “that’s an awkward feeling” for both you and the recipient, says Rachel Wilkerson Miller, editor-in-chief of SELF Magazine.

This holiday season, let’s give our loved ones gifts they will actually appreciate, shall we? One easy way to do that is to think about their personality type as a guide for your choices, says Miller. People who are more practical, for example, probably won’t want the same kinds of presents as those who are sentimental.

Miller has written several clever and creative gift guides on her blog, Just Good Shit, including “Good gifts and stocking stuffers under $30” (it includes a toilet night light and a hand-washing timer) and “Good gift ideas for anyone who wants to look, feel or smell nice,” which offers star-shaped pimple patches and iridescent body glitter. She believes there’s a perfect gift for everyone if you just take the time to look.

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