Doctor Alleges He Administered Damar Hamlin’s Booster Shot on Dec. 26 Tweets Out “He Passed All Screenings”

Dr. Benjamin Eidelman last night tweeted out that he administered Damar’s latest booster shot on December 26 – less than a week ago. Dr. Eidelman said, “I can assure the public he passed all screenings with flying colors.”

The tweet was quickly taken down.

Dr. Eidelman’s Twitter account is still live. He is a vaccine pusher. Eidelman is also pro-Israel and a Trump-hater.

Dr. Eidelman started the account on December 16.

Dr. Eidelman is a supporter of Israel and Joe Biden.

Dr. Eidelman is big promoter of vaccines.

And Eidelman is a Russia hoax conspiracist and Trump-hater.

His Twitter page will likely be deleted by noon.

Dr. Eidelman is also anti-free speech. He supports the positions he pretends to abhor.



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