Trudeau Transitions Euthanasia To An Escape Route For The Poor

Media from around the world are expressing indignation regarding Euthanasia legislation in Canada. Why shouldn’t they, when PM Justin Trudeau is responsible for creating the most “progressive” assisted dying laws on the planet.

Meanwhile, Canadian media continue to fulfill a contract our Liberal government established with our domestic press. Through a government pay-off, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest position unprecedented Euthanasia laws as a mundane, innocuous social development.

In the meantime, Trudeau and the Liberals continue to apply their authoritarian-derived methodologies. First, we had assisted suicide for the physically ill. To be followed by a reduction in age requirement.

In March, 2023, Team Trudeau will bring their systemic agenda to a new level. Those diagnosed with mental illness will begin to quality for MAiD. If media don’t have a problem with this, one can bet the nitrate-saturated farm that they will curb their enthusiasm regarding Euthanasia for Canada’s poor and lower income citizens.

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