Gullible, inspired or a load of Cojones, as the Spanish speaker would say?

The commentator Big A commented in my recent discussion with the word gullible, when referring to Christians through the ages and today.  Gullible meaning: easily persuaded to believe something; credulous, in having or showing too great a readiness to believe in Godly things, such as the case at hand.  Gullible seems to be a word manufactured or invented for what we term Conservative or fundamentalist Christians of today.  A sect within Christianity in which they believe, and claim that every word in the Bible, was inspired by their God.  One would have to be gullible to believe in that.  Inspire is another word in use, like Big A inspired me to write this post.  So, is Big A, a god?  Probably to his family and friends, whom he has blesses with his love.  A love more deep and affectionate, and presumably much more than the god of the Bible.  You don’t need a god to inspire oneself to write, or make things or to love.  It is in us all, evolving since man first climbed out of a tree and walked up-right on two feet through the primordial savannah.  It was only at night that our human ancestors sought shelter and safety from nocturnal wild beasts, and what made the innate primitive mind conjure up evil demons, and seek help from an unseeing and unknown deity.  Asking for help and assistance in passing the night’s darkness for the safety of the dawning of a new day.
If god is, as Christian say, inspires all, then counterfeiters of all kinds must, and should, be released from prisons immediately for doing god’s work.
It is said that the origin of the word gullible, means testicle, or as they say in Spanish cojon or cojones. [Harper, Douglas. “Etymology of gullible.” Online Etymology Dictionary, Accessed 12 January 2023.]
The Gullible Christians. 

AiG (Answers in Genesis),, Creation Museum, Creationist, YEC, are some names used by the Creationist, and their affiliated divisions. Their indoctrination of the young, with the spurious use of Dinosaurs to entice young minds, which has been rebuked by science and scholars as a forced conversion ploy, and harmful to young minds.  Nothing is true, everything’s a ploy with so-called hidden secrets at the Ark encounter to further entice the young. It is all lies about the Ark, a so-called Christian museum, supposedly built to size, greater than any actual wooden ship ever built, the biggest did not last very long, most sunk or broke-up. But none reach the supposed length of the mythical ArK, with the British museum claiming that the Ark, of Mesopotamian mythology, was round.  What do you say, are Christians gullible when it comes to religion, and has their god got them by their cojones?



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