FASCISM: Florida Teachers Must Remove Books Or Risk Felony Prosecution

Conservatives have been losing their sh*t over what is taught in schools and books. Educators are being harassed, and books are being taken off the shelves. If a book is about to be banned, read it. Florida is at the center of book bans and taking schools to task for daring to do their jobs. After all, Florida is governed by a wannabe authoritarian.

So, now librarians are forced to review thousands of books. 

That review must also be consistent with a complex training, which was heavily influenced by right-wing groups like Moms For Liberty and approved by the Florida Department of Education just last week. Any mistake by a librarian or others could result in criminal prosecution. This process must be repeated for any book brought into the school on an ongoing basis. But librarians and teachers are not being provided with any additional compensation for the extra work. 

This is straight-up Fascism.


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