Biden’s Favorite Foreign-Policy Weapon Misfires


The Biden administration’s favorite foreign-policy tool, trade sanctions against hostile regimes, sound good when they’re announced, but they aren’t a particularly effective form of leverage because the world is full of smugglers, third parties, and poorly monitored ports of entry; President Biden feels increasing pressure to get federal employees back into the office; and the managers of the Empire State Building choose to stab New York Giants fans in the back.

For Brutal Regimes, This Is a Profitable World

A sanctions regime is only as effective as its enforcement. Because Western leaders don’t want to fight wars — for good reason! — they tend to prefer trade sanctions and export bans as their favorite tools of deterrence against the world’s most ruthless, brutal, and criminal regimes.

The problem is that a determined foe with deep pockets can always find ways to evade those sanctions . . . and almost all of our foes are determined and have deep pockets.


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