Kevin McCarthy pressed about George Santos’ credibility, sidesteps the question by talking about how ‘Congress is broken’


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy side-stepped a question – and got called out for it – about the credibility of embattled Rep. George Santos, instead detailing to CBS News all the ways in which Congress is “broken.”

CBS News host Margaret Brennan asked McCarthy on “Face the Nation” about his choice to grant two committee assignments to Rep. George Santos, whose web of lies has only grown since he was sworn in.

“Let’s have that discussion. You want to bring up Santos, and let’s talk about the institution itself, because I agree wholeheartedly that Congress is broken,” McCarthy replied.

“I’m asking you about George Santos,” Brennan said. “Because you could put it to a vote to try to oust him.”

“I wasn’t finished answering the question,” McCarthy said with a smile, continuing his monologue on how Congress works. “Now, what I’m trying to do is change some of these committees as well, like the Intel Committee is different than any other committee –”

“So you’re just not going to answer the question I asked?” Brennan interrupted. “You asked a question, I’m trying to get you through that,” McCarthy said.

“I don’t think you’ve said the name George Santos like once,” Brennan said as the two laughed awkwardly. “I’ve asked you a few times. You’re talking about proxy voting and everything.”


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