Finally unity: Public crushed by #Bidenflation, 77% agree

President Joe Biden can finally say that he has united the country on at least one issue.

Democrats, Republicans, and independents agree that the president’s inflationary policies are crushing them financially.

In the latest I&I/TIPP poll, taken Feb. 1-3 from 1,358 adults across the nation, 77% overall said that inflation is causing financial hardship.

“This was one poll where Republicans, Democrats and independents all see eye-to-eye, with 75% of Democrats, 81% of Republicans, and 75% of independents saying they suffer the wrath of out-of-control inflation,” said the analysis.

“Whites (77%), blacks (70%), Hispanics (78%), male (77%) and female (75%), those who earned under $30K a year (79%) and those who earned $50K-$75K a year (80%), urban dwellers (79%) and suburban dwellers (73%) and rural dwellers (80%) all feel the pinch,” said the analysis.