Biden Slammed over ‘White Boy’ Remark During Event Marking Black History Month: ‘Most Racist President… Since LBJ’

President Joe Biden faced a wave of backlash over what was deemed a “racist” comment of his implying that white men are unintelligent, after stating, “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid,” at a reception honoring African Americans throughout the country’s history.

In response, many took to social media to slam the “racist” remarks.

“Joe Biden is the most racist president to occupy the White House since Lyndon Johnson,” wrote conservative author Nick Adams.

“Fact check: Misleading,” wrote right-wing media personality Collin Rugg. “He is white but he is also stupid.”

“Biden makes entire White House crowd CRINGE in horror after calling himself ‘white boy’ at Black History Month event,” wrote political columnist Benny Johnson.


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