Canadians frustrated by migrant surge, illegal border crossings: ‘No political will to fix this’

Canadians are becoming increasingly frustrated with the migrant surge at their country’s border as some have called for the shut-down of Roxham Road, a major border crossing in Canada.

“Canada is soft,’” Hélène Gravel, who’s house is close to Canada’s popular illegal border crossing, told the New York Times. “And the United States doesn’t care because this is nothing compared with what’s happening on their southern border.”

Gravel also told the outlet that there was “no political will to fix this.” 

The Roxham Road crossing is used by migrants coming from the U.S., and once migrants are charged at the crossing point, they are immediately released, according to the Times.

An Amnesty International official in Canada told the Times that the U.S. is becoming unsafe for asylum-seekers.



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