Police in Tennessee ‘mocked and bullied’ former RI woman before death, family says

A former Rhode Island woman, who was disabled from a stroke, was “mocked and bullied” by police in Tennessee before she lost consciousness in a police cruiser and later died from another stroke, her family says.

Lisa Edwards, 60, who leaves four grandchildren in Rhode Island, died Feb. 6 at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center in Knoxville following a stroke sustained in police custody.

Edwards died shortly after returning to Tennessee from Rhode Island. She had moved to Rhode Island in December 2018 to be closer to family here, which includes two sons and four grandchildren, according to her daughter-in-law August Boylan.

Edwards’ treatment by the police, caught on body camera footage, has caused an uproar in Knoxville, where residents decried the officers’ callousness as Edwards experienced a medical emergency, USA Today reported.



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