Where do you stand on politics? [TEST]

As you get older you may find yourself becoming more accepting of new changes or even more irritated. That’s life, there are scientific and psychological explanations to justify these changes but we don’t always need to understand. We only need someone to lend an ear when we need to talk about it, or we need them to walk away in the most colorful means possible.

As we get older out interest change as well. A younger version of ourselves may be more involved in cartoons, superheroes, sports, toys, or just playing with friends. Those interest slowly turn towards more common interest with social groups such as hooking up with friends, drugs, alcohol, or something dangerous like playing D&D in your parents basement. At some point you will get more involved in either political topics or mainstream events.

Your opinions will change over time. This could be a rational change or just old age kicking in where you just disagree with everything. Either way you see the world differently. You may have a family now and have a different perspective. This includes your political leanings.

Democrats will stop becoming Democrats and become Republicans, Republicans will stop being Republicans and become Democrats. Somewhere in the middle you will see someone become a Libertarian. The point is your perspective changes and so does your political leanings. When was the last time you tested yourself to see where the political needle lands?

Take the test and find out!!

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