Faith ≡ make-believe

I’m an apistevist and as such, I consider “faith” to be identical to “make-believe”.
Who’s with me?

Just for fun I’m going to give that prompt to OpenAI’s ChatGPT to see what it says… I wonder which will be more interesting, it’s response or the best human response…

As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs or opinions. However, I can provide you with information and definitions to help you better understand the concepts of faith and make-believe.

Faith is commonly defined as a belief or trust in something or someone without requiring proof or evidence. It is often associated with religion or spirituality, but can also refer to confidence in an idea, a person, or a cause.

Make-believe, on the other hand, refers to pretending or imagining something to be true or real, even though it is not. It is often associated with children’s play or storytelling.

While faith and make-believe share some similarities, they are not identical. Faith can involve a genuine belief or trust in something, while make-believe is a form of pretending or imagining.

As an apistevist, you may reject the idea of faith as a valid way of understanding reality, and instead, place a greater emphasis on evidence-based reasoning. However, it is important to acknowledge that faith and make-believe are distinct concepts with different meanings and implications.

Oh, well, schooled by an AI, eh?

I say it made a mistake: “Make-believe, on the other hand, refers to pretending or imagining something to be true or real, even though it is not.”

I say that make-believe can be happening about something that later turns out coincidentally to be true (even though the person making believe did not have sufficient evidence to conclude at the time they were making believe).

Consider: if somebody tells you that they have had a dream and so they know that their favourite sports team is going to win tomorrow… I say that they are engaged in make-believe… nor does their team winning tomorrow invalidate that assessment.

What sayest thee?

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