Utah teacher awards extra credit for eating bugs

A Utah middle school teacher recently awarded extra credit to students for eating grasshoppers as part of an essay assignment arguing that people should eat bugs in an effort to fight climate change.

Kim Cutler, a teacher at Spring Canyon Middle School, assigned sixth grade English students an essay titled “Why Americans Should Be Eating Bugs?” According to the parameters of the assignment, students were supposed to argue that people should eat bugs rather than cows as their primary source of protein — as cows produce methane that damages the ozone layer. What’s more, students were not allowed to disagree with that premise.

In addition to the essay, students were given the opportunity to receive extra credit by eating grasshoppers that Nebo School District bought from a commercial website.

When a student had the audacity to ask Cutler why students could not argue against the essay’s premise, Cutler responded by saying, “Because we don’t have any evidence for it.”


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