High school volleyball player says she suffered concussion after being injured by trans athlete, calls for ban

A North Carolina high school volleyball player said she suffered significant and long-term physical and mental injuries last fall when she was spiked in the face by a transgender athlete who was able to compete on a girls’ team because of a policy put in place by the state’s high school athletic association.

Payton McNabb, a senior at Hiwassee Dam High School in Murphy, N.C., spoke out for the first time about her injuries on Wednesday during a press conference where she called on state legislators to pass t​​he Fairness in Women’s Sports Act that would prohibit biological males from competing on girls’ sports teams, citing her own experience.

“On Sept. 1, 2022, I was severely injured in a high school volleyball game by a transgender athlete on the opposing team. I suffered from a concussion and a neck injury that to this day I am still recovering from. Other injuries I still suffer from today include impaired vision, partial paralysis on my right side, constant headaches, as well as anxiety and depression.”


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