Robert F. Kennedy Jr. challenges Biden to debate as many Americans have ‘major’ concerns about president’s age

Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is challenging President Biden to several debates and town halls after the incumbent made his announcement on Tuesday that he will seek another term in office while a new poll suggests many Americans are concerned with the president’s age.

However, the challenge from Kennedy Jr. may fall flat as the Democratic National Committee has already said it has no plans to sponsor any primary debates, according to the Washington Post.

Marianne Williamson, who is also seeking the Democratic nomination for president, also challenged Biden to a debate in a tweet on Tuesday.

“With the fascists at the door, the last thing we should do is limit the conversation about how to defeat them. The assumption that Joe Biden is necessarily our best bet in 2024 should be vigorously challenged. He should face his primary challengers in a meaningful debate,” Williamson said.

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