Newsmax surpasses CNN in primetime ratings

Fake news CNN just received some troubling reports from the ratings folks as their primetime news programs drop to new, unprecedented lows.

According to Mediaite ratings for CNN primetime on Friday trailed the smaller conservative cable station Newsmax ratings, putting the news network in 4th place behind Fox and MSNBC.

This is all part of an incredible downward spiral from CNN.

On Friday night, CNN averaged 335,000 viewers for all the nightly time slots, with Newsmax reaching 357,000 viewers on average for their nightly news broadcasts.

Things were particularly grim for our favorite media personality, Chris Wallace:

After 8 p.m. on Friday night, no CNN show rated above 300,000 viewers and Newsmax beat the network from 8 to p.m. Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace at 10 p.m. marked its lowest-rated hour since it launched on the network and dropped 25 percent since its Friday debut.

Fox, even with their rating dip post-Tucker, is still dominating CNN but only holding a slim lead over MSNBC when it comes to ratings. It’s possible that Newsmax picked up some of Fox’s viewers, which helped them catapult ahead of failing CNN.


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