The Expulsion of the Jews from Muslim Countries

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The article discusses the mass expulsion of Jews from Arab and other Muslim countries between 1920 and 1970. Approximately 900,000 Jews were forced to leave their homes in countries such as Morocco, Iran, Turkey, and Yemen, where they had lived for centuries. The majority of the expelled Jews settled in Israel, France, and Canada.

The author highlights that this exodus is often overlooked and not widely acknowledged. The term “The Forgotten Exodus” is commonly used to describe this event, but it fails to capture the full nature and impact of the historical tragedy. The expulsion of Jews from Muslim countries was a transnational phenomenon that occurred over a 30-year period, affecting a wide geographical area.

The article identifies a pattern in the expulsion of Jews across different countries. A combination of legal, economic, and political measures were implemented to isolate and discriminate against Jews:

1) Denationalization: Jews were stripped of their national identity and excluded from society.

2) Legal discrimination: Various laws imposed restrictions on Jewish businesses and organizations, favoring Arabic as the sole language of public services.

3) Isolation and sequestration: Administrative measures, such as refusing to deliver passports and interrupting postal relations, restricted the movement and communication of Jews.

4) Economic despoilment: Jewish economic assets were targeted through sequestration, nationalization, and extortion.

5) Socioeconomic discrimination: Jews faced discrimination in employment and business, with requirements for Muslim partnerships and limitations on Jewish participation.

6) Pogroms and related events: Anti-Semitic violence, riots, arrests, and destruction of synagogues occurred, often with passive complicity from colonial powers and Arab state police.

The article provides specific examples of these measures and events in countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, and Yemen.

Overall, the article highlights the systematic and widespread nature of the expulsion of Jews from Muslim countries and emphasizes the need to acknowledge and remember this historical event.

Questions For Discussion:

  1. What role did discrimination and persecution play in the exodus of Jews from these countries? How did pogroms and related events contribute to their decision to leave?
  2. How did the international community, including colonial powers and Arab state police, respond to the expulsion of Jews from Arab and Muslim countries? Were they complicit?
  3. What are the long-term consequences and implications of the mass expulsion of Jews from Arab and Muslim countries? How has it shaped the demographic and cultural landscape of Israel, France, and other countries where these expelled Jews settled?
The Expulsion of the Jews from Muslim Countries
Remember the Farhud

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