‘Draft Tucker’ PAC Thinks Only Former Fox News Host Can Beat Biden

The leaders of the PAC say that outside of trying to push Carlson to run, their intent is to move the GOP presidential primary further to the right.

A political action committee devoted to convincing Tucker Carlson to run for president launched with an ad this week that claims “no one in America is more articulate” than the ex-Fox News star, while saying he’d “whip Biden in a debate.”

Since Fox shockingly ousted Carlson from its primetime lineup late last month, the network’s right-wing competitors have been tripped over themselves trying to convince the far-right host to come work for them. Carlson, however, is currently stuck in a contract with Fox until January 2025, though he is trying to force the network to release him as he sets to launch a new show on Twitter.

While conservative media outlets vie for Carlson’s services, the Draft Tucker PAC hopes that he’ll set his sites on a bigger goal.

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