UC Berkeley Hosts Exclusive “Black Only Graduation Ceremony” in Defiance of Civil Rights Laws

The exclusive nature of the ceremony raises concerns about conflicts with the principles of equality and integration that were established during the Civil Rights movement.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, for example, prohibits racial discrimination in public accommodations, which includes educational institutions. The act aimed to dismantle segregation and create a society where individuals are treated equally, irrespective of their race.

“We’re disheartened to see universities like Columbia and now Berkeley veer so far to the left that they’re resurrecting Democrats’ segregationist history,” California College Republicans Communications Director Dylan Martin told Campus Reform.

“Encouraging our separation into groups – saying there should be something separate and special for different races – furthers the division in this country. The solution to racism is not segregation. CCR is happy to represent all College Republicans in the state in condemning these segregationist actions,” Martin said.