NAACP declares Florida is not safe for black people, so Florida GOP chairman offers top NAACP leader irresistible gift

The NAACP issued a travel advisory against Florida over the weekend. Ironically, the chairman of the NAACP board of directors lives in Florida.

On Saturday, the NAACP board of directors claimed the advisory is necessary to combat Florida’s “aggressive attempts to erase Black history and to restrict diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in Florida schools.”

The organization’s animosity toward Florida appears to be rooted, in part, in Gov. Ron DeSantis’ rejection of the AP African-American Studies course that he said would not be taught in Florida’s schools.

Florida rejected the course because it allegedly violated state law and is not “historically accurate.” But scholars of African-American studies believe controversial topics — such as reparations, intersectionality, and Black Lives Matter, among others — are central to a course that prepares high schools students to engage in African-American studies at the collegiate level, which certainly discusses such topics.

What’s the irony?

Leon Russell, chairman of the NAACP board of directors, lives in Tampa, Florida. Russell is black.

Despite the alleged racist trajectory of Florida’s leaders, Russell has lived in Florida for nearly a half-century. He began working as the head of the Pinellas County Office of Human Rights in 1977, a position he held for 35 years. He retired in 2012.

In light of the NAACP advisory, Florida Republican Party Chairman Christian Ziegler offered to help Russell move out of Florida.

“True leadership is being willing to do what you ask others to do… time to step up and MOVE,” Ziegler tweeted. “If you think our state is so bad, the @FloridaGOP will help with moving costs.”

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