Trump vows to reduce abortions through incentivized adoptions

Former President Donald Trump says his remaking of the Supreme Court helped overturn Roe v Wade and gave pro-life activists “the upper hand” in fighting abortion, and if he returns to the White House he will focus on reducing abortions by incentivizing adoptions.

“I think it’s very important that if I win, and I hope I’m going to win, we’re winning by a lot right now, we’ll be pressing the adoption option.” Trump said he and his team have done a lot of policy thinking since Roe was overturned and said he could embrace the creation of an adoption corps that would get parents pre-approved to adopt babies from women weighing whether or not to have an abortion.

Tax breaks, he said, could create incentives for both the birth mother and prospective adoptive parents.

“I think the incentive is great. And I think the concept of adoption is fantastic,” he explained. “And it could go a long way. And it’s something that I would be supportive of, very supportive of. And we’d get that done. I don’t even think that would be a very difficult thing to get done.”

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