A new Daughter of the Confederacy: The hate pageantry of Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Southern Pride of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Last week, the Georgia congresswoman showed the world, again, that she is a white supremacist who represents the worst of (white) Southern culture and history when she lied about Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., who is a Black man, after they had a public “argument” outside of the Capitol. Greene claimed that she was terrified and felt threatened by her Democratic colleague.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s lies are the same ones that white women across the South (and other parts of the country) told about “giant negroes” and “black beast rapists” and other “black predators” in order to get thousands of innocent Black men (and Black women and Black children) lynched. In all, the South that Marjorie Taylor-Greene honors is one of white supremacy in its varied forms such as white-on-Black chattel slavery, Jim and Jane Crow, lynchings, and other examples of white racial terrorism, white violence, and racial authoritarianism more generally.

 The Confederate flag is a white supremacist hate symbol that takes on further meaning within the context of Greene’s years-long pattern of white supremacist behavior, speech, and politics. She has spoken at “white nationalist” gatherings and claims to be a defender of supposedly downtrodden white men. She has also spoken proudly about Confederate statues and other monuments. She has shown herself to be an anti-Semite who spouts vile conspiracy theories about “Jewish space lasers” and QAnon and “globalists.” 


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