Florida cop charged after tasing man at gas station, setting him ablaze

A Florida sheriff’s deputy has been criminally charged for firing a Taser at a man pumping gas, igniting a fireball that burned nearly three-quarters of his body — with the victim’s lawyer railing, “They’re supposed to be our protectors, not our ignitors.”.

Osceola County Deputy David Crawford on Thursday was charged with culpable negligence for the caught-on-video incident at a Wawa gas station in Orange County on Feb. 27, 2022, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Jean Barretto Baerga was tackled by the officer after being followed by cops responding to a report of bikers riding recklessly.

Sheriff Marcos López said the suspect had run red lights, ridden on the sidewalk and grass, and headed toward oncoming traffic before pulling into the gas station, according to Fox 35.

Bodycam video shows Crawford tackling Baerga at the gas stop without announcing himself, and shouting at his partners to turn off the pump.

Osceola County Sheriff’s Deputy David Crawford was charged with culpable negligence for using a Taser on a suspect who was pumping gas, causing him to suffer burns over more than 75% of his body.

“Kill the pump! Kill the pump! There’s gas!” he is heard shouting after another deputy, Christopher Koffinas, used his stun gun on the suspect.

Seconds later, as the suspect lay in a pool of gasoline, Crawford raised his Taser.

“You’re gonna get tased again, dude!” he shouted before firing the weapon and igniting the explosive blaze.

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