Report: Satan-Worshipping Trans Babies May Be Unable To Find Clothing If Target Pulls Pride Displays


U.S. ā€” Amid a nationwide boycott, Target has chosen to remove some “pride” displays in their store. Experts are warning that this could leave many Satan-worshipping trans infants with limited options for their designer clothing.

“Target has long been the store of choice for Satan-worshipping trans 9-month-olds, and this boycott could put them in danger,” said trans activist Zable Kadzonks. “As the parent of 3 queer Marxist warlocks myself, this is extremely frightening.”

Anonymous sources within the retail giant said their best-selling item, a baby onesie that says “I am a gay communist witch,” has been pulled from shelves, which could lead to millions in lost revenue for the multi-billion dollar corporation. “We are being held hostage by these right-wing terrorists who refuse to shop at our store,” said the source.

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