Normalizing Sex As Entertainment

Jill’s recent essay concerning the pornographic “art” exhibit at the European Parliament continues to nag at the back of my mind. Yet another example of the apparent global campaign to normalize a wide range of what were previously generally considered to be sexual taboos. To generate outrage over the various policy positions which are being pushed down into elementary and pre-schools, and enforced by the likes of Blackrock/State Street/Vanguard, WEF et al. via policies known by the acronyms “ESG” and “DEI” is possible because examples, such as the trans-porn hanging in the EU Parliament, are so in your face against all principles of normal decency.

Easy to generate outrage. Hard to discern why and how these policies are being promoted and deployed/implemented globally.

Turning these questions over in my mind as the caffeine started to sink in, I pondered the parallels between what has happened during the COVIDcrisis and the propaganda, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and censorship (PsyWar) being deployed in promoting medical/surgical transgender ideology/advocacy, pedophilia, and other related sexual behaviors which were previously considered to be cultural taboos.

In both cases (the COVIDcrisis and these previously taboo sexual-behavior and sexual-cultural activity agendas) are being globally advanced, seemingly as a synchronized, harmonized propaganda or PsyOps campaign. So what is going on here?

As Jill and I discussed current hypotheses, an alternative explanation emerged.

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So here is the hypothesis-