Help! Bud Light is TERRIBLE!

Mass manufactured products are… generally terrible.  The manufacturers have to cut corners and do things to create economic efficiencies… that small producers don’t have to do… and standardize the end product, which might be created in several places.  Craft manufacturers don’t have to do this (you throw out a small batch that is no good, a little variety is interesting etc.)

The implied rule seems pretty clear “if it’s made in huge quantities for the international market: it’s probably mediocre verging on awful… whatever is the worst product the market will support.”

So… there has recently been a… controversy… where some of my more conservative friends/interlocutors have become upset with Budweiser products.  And started boycotting them!

And I have no argument there, because Budweiser products… specifically Bud Light… are just awful worst-of-the-market beers to drink (I mean… 30% of its barley is rice!).  People should boycott terrible products and purchase better ones!

So… my question:

What beer (local is better!) would you recommend someone drink in your neighbourhood? Why? Any other beers that deserve a shout-out?

Sir Tainley

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