Mississippi 11-year-old boy cried out he didn’t want to die after being shot by cop

The 11-year-old boy shot by a Mississippi cop after calling 911 during a domestic disturbance was crying out that he didn’t want to die as he was bleeding out on the floor of his home.

Aderrien Murry took a bullet to the chest after an officer who was responding to the boy’s call for help opened fire on him inside his Indianola home in the early hours of May 20.

The boy, who had alerted 911 after his mom’s ex-boyfriend turned up at the home and allegedly started acting irately, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday that he put his hands up in the air when cops entered — but they shot him anyway.

“It felt like a Taser, like a big punch to the chest,” Aderrien said of the moment he was struck.

“I was bleeding — bleeding from my mouth.”

The injured boy recalled singing gospel verses and praying as his mom desperately applied pressure to his wound.


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