‘White supremacist’ in FBI custody following undercover investigation

Convicted felon held on weapons charges after allegedly trying to establish ‘white private community’ and school to teach antisemitism to young children in Colorado

A self-confessed supremacist who aimed to set up a whites-only community in Colorado with a school that would give antisemitic lessons to young children is being held in custody following an FBI investigation.

Chad Edward Keith, 41, had 11 guns seized and was put in federal detention after the FBI claimed his possession of the firearms was illegal. He is alleged by investigators to have professed Nazi and white supremacist sympathies and to have wanted to establish a “white private community,” in Fremont County, near Colorado Springs.

FBI agents are said to have recruited an informant who obtained undercover pictures of his stash of weapons and learned about his white supremacist views.

His arsenal included rifles, handguns and shotguns, despite being barred from owning firearms due to a prior conviction. Chad Keith was expected to attend a court hearing on June 12, with a trial set for July 24.


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