Leftist video game lets you beat up maskless pandemic deniers, infiltrate a church, and save vaccine scientists from Nazi mutants

It’s like one of those classic beat ’em-up video games like Double Dragon or Battletoads, except leftist fan-fiction and much lamer.

“Pulling No Punches” is an indie video game from Brazilian developer “Braindead Broccoli Games” that was released in August. It is self-described as a “satirical game.”

“The game follows the fictional story of a global pandemic that engulfed the world and is being ignored by fanatics who do not believe that the disease is real,” the game’s Steam store page reads. “It is up to the main characters, 4 common citizens adequately protected with gloves and masks, to deal with these fanatics and solve the situation with the force of their own fists.

Here’s how one reviewer recently described the game:

“Pulling No Punches isabout citizens taking a stand against pandemic deniers not wearing masks,” NintendoLife writes. “Medical mask-wearing bystanders look on as you go about beating the hell out of caricatured louts: smoking, drinking, flag-waving, vomiting individuals who have been brilliantly rendered but also aggressively stereotyped.”

“Elsewhere, you infiltrate a church, bashing bible-flinging congregantes and a minister in need of an exorcism, and later, save vaccination scientists from Nazi flag-emblazoned mutations.

“The game’s satirising of the reaction to the COVID outbreak and its hard left leanings are obviously divisive, especially now many a question has been raised over government and big pharma’s handling of the pandemic.”

Approved ~ MJM