Republican Who Lied About Military Record Drops 2024 Bid

A Republican congressional candidate accused of misrepresenting his military record has dropped out of the race for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District. Pro-Trump Republican JR Majewski cited his mother’s ailing health in a statement that also revealed his father died during the last election cycle, when Majewski lost the district Republicans were favored in to Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur by 13 points, per Politico. The Air Force veteran who was at the US Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, had been among Republican candidates who “put Trump’s false claims of a stolen election front and center in their campaigns, helping them get through contested primaries but putting them at a disadvantage with independents in the general election,” per NBC News.

His 2022 campaign was hit with an AP report revealing Majewski was barred from reenlisting in the Air Force after four years following a drunk driving incident on a US air base in Japan in 2001. The AP also found Majewski had repeatedly lied about being a “combat veteran” who served in Afghanistan. According to the report, Majewski never deployed to Afghanistan but spent six months loading and unloading aircraft in Qatar, a US ally. Majewski continued to claim that he served in Afghanistan and that his flights to the country were “classified.” But “there’s no junior enlisted air transportation specialist who was doing something so secret that 20 years later it still needs to be classified,” countered a former Air Force master sergeant who investigates “stolen valor” cases.

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