This is what Chinese kids do at summer camp while your child is learning about genderfluidity on TikTok

A video from a Chinese summer camp surfaced on Twitter from US-based Chinese activist Jennifer Zeng.

The camp is most likely the Red Sun camp in Shaoyang Hunan, but China has a lot of military-themed summer camps for kids.

At the one featured in the video, kids learn to bayonet Japanese soldiers, fire mortars, shoulder bazookas, and shoot guns at a range.

The Japanese soldiers are dressed in World War II uniforms in a nod to the Japanese invasion of the Chinese mainland. And the anti-Japanese audio in the video was lifted from two different Chinese movies: My Chief and My Regiment and Snow Leopard.

“China has almost perished! The people of Hunan will be the first to perish!”

“The day the Japanese pirates are eradicated is the day my son returns home! Mount your horses and kill the enemy! Those are the true colors of a man!”

If it weren’t for President Xi Jinping beating the war drums and threatening both Japan and Taiwan, I’d just say these camps look like a lot of fun–though the bayonetting people thing is a bit extreme.


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