Toronto Blue Jays pitcher undergoes public struggle session, heads to company reeducation for posting anti-Target and anti-Bud Light stories

Good news everyone! Anthony Bass now loves Big Brother.

On Monday, the pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays shared a couple of posts on his Instagram story encouraging people to boycott Bud Light for partnering with Dylan Mulvaney and Target for helping to trans the kids in partnership with a satanist.

It wasn’t even making fun of Target or Bud Light. It was a video sharing the reasons Christians should oppose those companies. You can watch the reel Bass shared here.

Then, on Tuesday, Bass issued this public statement:

This is what a defeated and crushed man looks like.

On Monday, he had a free thought and shared his honest opinion that put him in line with a majority of people.

But by Tuesday night, he had done a complete 180º, recanted his politically “incorrect” opinion, and submitted himself to reeducation through his employer’s HR resources. He also had to confess his sin (this is a cult, y’all) of not supporting transing babies in front of his teammates (!!), just in case any of them would dare to think for themselves.


Approved ~ MJM