Historians Uncover New Evidence That Jesus Made Annoying Smacking Sound After Every Sip Of Wine

Shedding new light on the religious leader’s personal life, historians announced the discovery of new evidence Friday that suggests Jesus Christ made an annoying smacking sound after every sip of wine. “We’ve recovered a portion of a previously unexamined ancient text that details Jesus of Nazareth blessing some wine, taking a ceremonial swig from the goblet, and then making a loud tongue-clicking sound with His mouth,” biblical scholar Fatima Harisi said of the contents of a tattered Aramaic scroll, which was likely used as a source text for the New Testament and which describes all 12 apostles cringing and rolling their eyes at one another when Christ engaged in the behavior.

“While there is some speculation as to whether the Son of God had chronic dry mouth or whether this was just how He involuntarily expressed a feeling of refreshment, the text clearly implies that it happened all the time, mentioning that His followers often became distracted during Jesus’ lectures once they noticed the aggravating tick. Rarely have we seen a personality trait of Jesus Himself rendered in such meticulous detail, with one passage including a hand-marked tally of how many times He did it over the course of a single dinner.

The text also states that Jesus followed the lip-smacking with an emphatic moan that was ‘as unsettling as it was irritating,’ but still ‘slightly less infuriating’ than when He gargled it.” Harisi went on to read several additional passages that detail complaints about Jesus ‘shaking the whole goddamn table’ by constantly jiggling His leg.

It is truly amazing what science can teach us. How do feel about this new insight into the alleged son of the Christian “God”?