Exodus Records

The user who shall rename nameless that inspired my OP about a vegetarian T. rex made another comment when I pointed out the lack of sources from other civilizations around Egypt about the Exodus:

They probably were more concerned over their internal matters and didn’t give Egypt a second thought.

In fact, there is a large amount of evidence to show that isn’t the case. A main example of this is the peace treaty between Egypt and the Hittite Empire. After centuries of fighting that culminated in the famous Battle of Kadesh, the two powers entered into the earliest peace treaty we evidence for. One would think that, if the Exodus did take place during the reign of Ramses II and the country was devastated to the extent seen in the Bible, its ally would record what had happened to it.

So, then. Why do none of Egypt’s neighbors, either ally or enemy, have any known recording of the Exodus?


Article URL : https://www.un.org/ungifts/replica-peace-treaty-between-hattusilis-and-ramses-ii