DeSantis’ Covid record is even worse than you think

You may have heard that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is running for president. If you have, you probably also know that he’s actually running on his Covid pandemic record. Which is odd because, if you look closely, it is absolutely abysmal

If you look at the deaths per capita in those three states before vaccines were universally available to adults, you see Florida initially had fewer deaths than New York and California. But look at the numbers after those life-saving vaccines, and New York and California’s deaths plummet, while Florida’s skyrocket

In other words, after vaccines became available, for New York and California most of the deaths were behind them. For Florida, incredibly — and again, inexcusably — the worst was yet to come

In fact, even if you take the entirety of the pandemic from January 2020 to present, when you compare Florida to other states with a similar proportion of elderly residents — like MaineVermont and New Hampshire — the Sunshine State still has a far higher death per capita rate from Covid

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