Democrats launch creepy attack ad showing an elderly GOP congressman WATCHING young couple have sex to stop them using a condom ahead of state elections focused on reproductive rights

Democratic activists in Ohio have released one of the creepiest political ads in recent memory in a bid to stop Buckeye State residents from passing State Issue 1, a measure that would make it harder to make amendments to the state’s constitution. 

The ad, which begins airing on Wednesday ahead of the August 8th vote, begins with a couple kissing in the underwear in bed. 

The woman asks the man if he has a condom, as he reaches across to his nightstand to grab one from a drawer, the hand of an elderly man destroys the mood and snatches it away. The couple scream in confusion. 

‘Sorry, you can’t use those,’ the older man, supposed to be dressed as a conservative congressman clad in a dark suit equipped with a Donald Trumpesque red tie.

‘What are you talking about? Who are you?’ the woman asks. 

‘I’m your Republican congressman. Now that we’re in charge, we’re banning birth control,’ he replies.


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