Shocking video shows Ohio cop unleashing K-9 on black trucker with hands up, mauling man

Distressing video captured the moment a police dog in Ohio mauled a black truck driver who was on his knees and with his hands up — after a local cop went against a state trooper’s orders not to release the K-9.

Jadarrius Rose, 23, of Memphis, Tennessee, failed to stop his semi-trailer for a Motor Carrier Enforcement inspector while driving with a missing mud flap on US 35 in Jackson County on July 4, WSYX reported.

He led troopers on a 25-minute chase through Chillicothe, driving erratically and narrowly avoiding spike sticks before a second set blew out his tires on Route 23 in Circleville, about 30 miles south of Columbus.

Footage released Friday by the Ohio State Highway Police shows a state trooper yelling at Rose to approach him as a Circleville police German shepherd is held back by its handler.

Meanwhile, a Circleville cop appears to give a conflicting order.

“Get on the ground or you’re going to get bit!” he yells.

Rose complies by getting onto his knees and raising his hands, the video shows.

A state trooper whose camera was recording the incident then repeatedly shouts at the local cops: “Do not release the dog with his hands up!”

But the Circleville K-9 officer — identified by WOSU as Ryan Speakman — releases the dog, which lunges toward Rose and bites him as he screams, “Get the off of me … please, please … get it off!”


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