Keanu Reeves Has a Message for China

Hollywood’s love affair with China has been well documented. But Hollywood actors’ love affair with China has not.

Thankfully, there’s one actor who’s not interested in apologizing to the CCP. That man is Keanu Reeves. When it comes to China, unlike the above-mentioned actors, “The Matrix” star has clearly chosen the red pill over the blue.

As I’ve shown before, the CCP is interested in Tibet for one very specific reason—its natural resources. The Tibetan plateau, home to more than 46,000 glaciers, has one of the largest reserves of fresh water in the world. Known as the “water tower” of Asia, close to a quarter of a billion people in 10 different countries across Asia—Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam—rely on this “tower” for water. Make no mistake about it, the CCP wants to control the continent’s water supply, hence its obsession with controlling Tibet.

After all, it’s been a long time since a genuine Hollywood heavyweight stood up to China. In fact, it has been the best part of 30 years.

Which brings us back to Mr. Reeves. Why take a stand? Why jeopardize his acting career?

When it comes to movies, the Chinese market, lest we forget, is by far the biggest in the world. For Reeves, there appears to be more important things than money. In 2019, The New Yorker published an interesting piece titled “Keanu Reeves Is Too Good for This World.” After reading the piece, it’s difficult not to agree. He certainly appears to be too good for Hollywood, a place full of moral grandstanding and superficial concerns.

While many actors pretend to stand for something, Reeves actually does. For this, he deserves a great deal of credit.


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