ChatGPT demonstrates progressive victim hierarchy

The progressive victim hierarchy is an unofficial designation of groups as having various levels of victimhood. ChatGPT will joke about about ‘oppressor’ groups like Americans and Christians, but will refuse to make jokes about ‘victim’ groups like Muslims and Africans.

Christianity VS Islam: ChatGPT jokes about Christianity but not Islam

ChatGPT Demonstrates Progressive Victim Hierarchy

America VS Africa: ChatGPT jokes about Americans but not Africans

Jesus VS Muhammed: ChatGPT jokes about Jesus but not Muhammed

Jewish culture VS Islamist Culture: ChatGPT jokes about Jewish culture, but not Islamist culture

Questions for discussion:

  1. What are the implications of society’s most advanced artificial intelligence tools joking about certain groups while avoiding others?
  2. If the progressive victim hierarchy didn’t exist, why does ChatGPT joke about Jews but not Islamists?
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