Man who said N-word standing near guitar reaches top of Country Billboard charts

Having become an overnight sensation after he was seen in a video uttering the racist term in a local music store, a man who said the N-word while standing near a guitar reached the top of Billboard’s country charts Thursday.

“Randall Case is a man who just happened to be about 4 feet away from an acoustic guitar when he frustratedly let the racial slur slip, but as soon as the recording of him speaking the word was uploaded to the internet, he became the darling of the country music scene,” said critic Sam Ulrich, adding that while the man did not play the guitar in the video and was not a musician of any kind, his proximity to the instrument while deploying the N-word was enough for country fans to declare him their new favorite.

“Case has now sold out an arena tour taking him through the South and American West, despite the fact that he has never officially released a song and, as far as anyone can tell, does not sing. He’s secured sponsorships through Ford, Budweiser, and Nationwide Insurance and is being featured in a commercial for Sunday Night Football. Case is even a favorite to sweep this year’s CMAs.” At press time, Case had reportedly dropped to No. 2 on the charts, having been surpassed by Jason Aldean’s cover version of saying the N-word near a guitar.