Now kill all the boys, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man!


Now kill all the boys, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man!

God is made of thin-air if we are to believe in the written words of Christians, as well as being a cloud hopper!  Yes, and those that revere this gaseous entity believe he has committed miracles, and wonders for humanity. But stories from the Judaism and Christian so-called holy scriptures, contradict, and states that the supposed great flood was not the first occasion God committed genocide against the so-called people he supposedly created. In fact, six times of annihilation would be a more of an honest number of God’s genocidal attempt to rid himself of humans:
God murders everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18-19). 
God kills all Egyptian firstborn sons during Passover (Exodus 11-12).
God drowns the world in a flood (Genesis 6).
God commands the destruction of the Amalekites (1 Samuel 15:3).
God commands the killing of the Canaanites (Deut 20:17, Numbers 21:2-3, Joshua 6:17, 21).
God, through his lieutenant (Moses), slaughtered the Moabite kings, men, women, and children (boys), and allowed young girls that had not been with men to become the personal property of Moses’paedophile soldiers (Numbers 31. 1-18).
The bad thing about all this carnage and slaughter of innocent humans, is that any soldier who took part in any killings ordered by God, had to purify themselves, and any loot they took went through the same procedure.
Anyone who has killed someone or touched someone who was killed must stay outside the camp for seven days. On the third and seventh days, you must purify yourselves and your captives.  Purify every garment as well as everything made of leather, goat hair or wood.” 
Then Eleazar the priest said to the soldiers who had gone into battle, “This is what is required by the law that the Lord gave Moses: Gold, silver, bronze, iron, tin, lead, and anything else that can withstand fire must be put through the fire, and then it will be clean. But it must also be purified with the water of cleansing. And whatever cannot withstand fire must be put through that water.  On the seventh day, wash your clothes and you will be clean. Then you may come into the camp.”(Numbers 31:19-24)
What a funny God, the Jewish and Christian god, is!  He commands the innocent slaughter, but finds the perpetrators of his heinous crimes unclean for doing as they are ordered.  So this God is not omnipotent, just a weak and ghastly God who likes to kill.  Just like his so-called bigoted, anti-humanitarian believers on earth! Who shield themselves from the cries of the past, “Jesus was Gay!” What do you say?
What say you?
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Jero Jones

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